Thankful Post #30 Sunday, Nov 30 2014 

Day #30: I am thankful for time with my Bestie Jackie and her family. I am also thankful she is recovering so well from her surgery. Love you Lady! Thanks for a great weekend.

Thankful Posts #27, 28 & 29 Saturday, Nov 29 2014 

I’m behind on my thankful posts once more.

Day # 27, I am thankful for good times with the new family and fireball. Oh, the fireball…

Day # 28, I am thankful for stress-free holidays spent with those you love. Thank you Melanie and Curtis! The day was perfect!

Day # 29, I am thankful for new beginnings. I am working out with Nick again and today was absolutely awesome! Thanks Nick!

Thankful Post #26 Wednesday, Nov 26 2014 

I am thankful for lunch with two of most favorite people! Anya, I am so incredibly proud of the woman you have become. It was so wonderful to see you today! I love you, Sweetie!

Thankful Post #25 Tuesday, Nov 25 2014 

I am thankful for my TH and associate, Curt! Thanks for believing in SMM enough to join the team! So glad you are here.

Thankful Posts #22, 23 & 24 Monday, Nov 24 2014 

I’m behind again on my thankful posts, so here goes. I am thankful for my family, both biological and surrogate. I am thankful for joy. I am thankful for love.

Thankful Post #21 Friday, Nov 21 2014 

I am thankful for Social Media Maiden and the individuals who help make it great! You all know who you are!

Thankful Post #20 Thursday, Nov 20 2014 

Today I am thankful that dreams and talent never go away. And that dreams that were long dead and buried can be unburied and live once more. And I’m thankful to Curt for going with me to explore open mic night. Thanks Buddy!

Thankful Post #19 Wednesday, Nov 19 2014 

Today I am thankful for surprises. Thank you again, Melanie! They are beautiful!


Thankful Post #18 Tuesday, Nov 18 2014 

Today I am thankful for my writing skills. They help keep me sane and pay the bills!

Thankful Post #17 Monday, Nov 17 2014 

Today I am thankful for Pandora and my Katy Perry station. Awesome to wake up to!

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