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Friday 5: Transportation


Sorry it’s been a while. I feel like all I do is apologize for being late and having too much on my plate these days. LOL, such as life with a thriving business. 😉 Hope the summer is treating you all well so far. I’ve had a couple play days in the mountains so that makes me super happy!

This week’s Friday 5 is on transportation. Which is fitting since I sold my truck yesterday and bought a shiny, new car last Saturday!


1. What is your current main mode of transportation? e.g. car, bike, subway, walking etc.
I have a beautiful Buick that is AMAZING!!!
2. Are you satisfied with your current main mode of transportation (answer to question 1)? Why?
Oh yes! It is quite the upgrade from my older, awesome truck with lots of new features like Bluetooth, AC, and other various working components. I’m in love with my new ride!
3. Do you think you’ll change your means of transit soon? e.g. buy a car, get rid of your car, walk more etc.? If so why?
No, just made all the changes I will make for a while!
4. If time distance and money were not factors how do you prefer to get from point A to point B?
I’m very happy with my current means.
5. What was your worst transit experience?
I would say on a trip to Nebraska when my gas gauge broke and I ran out of gas in Sterling, Colorado.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and the weather is gorgeous for you! Get out and enjoy some sunshine!

TTFN ~ Heather

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Friday Five: MVP

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope the week has been kind to you all. This is going to be a brief one today as I’m trying to button things up for a 3 day weekend!

  1. What’s the most important single ingredient in trail mix? The chocolate!
  2. What’s the most important single topping in a taco? Cheese
  3. What’s the coolest instrument in an orchestra? Tuba
  4. What’s your favorite animal at the zoo? Elephant
  5. Which are the best pieces in a sampler box of chocolates? Toffee

I hope you all enjoy your 3 day weekend. I’m hoping for a low key one and hoping to get a lot of things checked off the to-do list. That list a bit scary at the moment!

Until next time,
~ H

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Friday Five: Guestimation

Hello Everyone! It’s been a while, but I thought I would pop in with an update real quick. Things here are moving along quite nicely. Been working on my book, am taking a memoir writing class, and trying to keep up with my social media business that has boomed in recent weeks. It’s been hectic to say the least, but I am happy and doing the things that I love. Can’t ask for much more than that! ❤

Here is this weeks Friday 5:

  1. How well do you adjust to sleeping in an unfamiliar place?
    I don’t adjust very well. It always takes me a few nights to be able to sleep right.
  2. When were you recently someone’s guest, and when were you recently someone’s host? Most recent time I was a guest was when I was visiting my family in Missouri a couple months ago. Most recent time I was someone’s host has been entirely too long! I love having people stay, but I haven’t had a proper place to be able to host someone in a while.
  3. What’s the ickiest place where you’ve ever showered or bathed?
    I would say the community shower at the campground in Grand Lake that we used to stay at. That place was NASTY! I showered in my bathing suit and with flip-flops. Yuck!
  4. What’s something you don’t need but insist on taking when you travel?
    My own pillow. There is nothing worse that not having a comfortable pillow when traveling.
  5. Who’s got a comfy couch?
    With my back, no one’s couch is comfortable. I have to have super firm support in order for my back not to ache. My leather sofa set was that way until they wore out. I need a replacement now!

I hope you all have a relaxing and beautiful weekend. It appears summer has finally arrived in Colorado and I intend to make as much of this gorgeous weather as possible. I actually got a sunburn today! I love when it gets warm! ❤


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Friday Five: Water

As an Aquarius, water is a massive part of my life! I like these questions for this week all about water.

  1. What’s a memory you have of a nearby stream?
    There is a stream in a park I enjoy going to in the foothills. I have had a photo shoot there, spent time with a notebook and pen working on my writing, taken long walks around the banks, and just get away and get some time for me.
  2. What’s a good film scene or song lyric involving a river?
    One my favorite Adele songs is River Lea.
    ♫ Everybody tells me it’s ’bout time that I moved on
    And I need to learn to lighten up and learn how to be young
    But my heart is a valley, it’s so shallow and man made
    I’m scared to death if I let you in that you’ll see I’m just a fake
    Sometimes I feel lonely in the arms of your touch
    But I know that’s just me, ’cause nothing ever is enough
    When I was a child I grew up by the River Lea
    There was something in the water, now that something’s in me
    Oh I can’t go back, but the reeds are growing out of my fingertips
    I can’t go back to the river ♫
  3. What fond memory do you have of a lake?
    One of my favorite places is a mountain lake that I retreat to when I need to reconnect with myself. I swear there is a piece of my soul up there.
  4. What’s the most fascinating sea creature?
    I love seahorses. I think they are so pretty and dainty!
  5. What’s something that caused you to cry tears of laughter?
    The other night I had dinner with a friend and her children. Her teenage son was freaking out because his little sister was trying to give him a kiss on the cheek. He was thrashing around and yelling for her to leave him alone and then busts out the line, “I need an adult!” Of course at that point, I’m rolling in laughter and I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to even say anything in response. It was hysterical!

I hope you all have a splendid Easter weekend (if you celebrate). If not, have a fantastic weekend and spend some time doing something you love. That’s my plan.


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Friday 5: Something is a astir

Hello! Today’s post is going to be a quick one. Much to do to wrap up a very busy and successful week. Without further into, here’s this week’s Friday 5:

  1. What did you last use a spatula for? Hashbrowns
  2. What did you last use your can opener for? Tuna
  3. What did you last pick up with a pair of tongs? Pork Chops
  4. What did you last use a ladle for? Spaghetti Sauce
  5. What did you last stir with a wooden spoon? Spaghetti Sauce

Hope you all have a great weekend! I am behind on my writing goals, so I’m hoping to find some time this weekend to catch up. 🙂

Have a great and productive week!


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Friday 5: Quarters

Hello Friends!

Hope that this cold and rainy March day (here in Colorado at least) is treating you well!

It’s been a busy week of adjusting life, goals, and priorities this week. Gotta love life changes that throw little wrenches into your best laid plans. Oh well! As they say – life goes on and you begin to find the new normal as the dust settles.

This week’s Friday 5 is on Quarters, which I think is neat since the first quarter of 2017 is wrapping up today. It’s time to pull out those quarterly goals and see what all we’ve accomplished!

  1. The first quarter of 2017 is now behind us.  How has it been?
    It has been enlightening. I have learned a lot this year. I’ve learned what truly is important to me, what I will and won’t stand for, and what I actually am fighting for. It’s been a good one overall, but there have been some heartbreaking lessons involved.
  2. How has this past quarter of your life been surprisingly good?
    I have found my power once more. I can now say that I am fully healed and back to where I was prior to my surgery 18 months ago. It’s been a long, hard battle with my health – but I feel AMAZING now! I am down an astonishing 130lbs, have finally found the right medication combo to combat the pain from my nerve condition and not leave me feeling drugged out, and I am now fighting low blood sugar versus high blood sugar. 2017 has been remarkable for me in many, many ways so far!
  3. When did you last drop quarters into a vending machine?
    I would say that was at the safari park in Missouri a couple weeks ago. I bought Little Miss and I a soda to share.
  4. How do you feel about your state’s twenty-five-cent coin?  If you’re not in the U.S., which of the coins do you think is especially striking?
    It’s really pretty. I love the mountains on the back on it. Then again, of course I would! These beautiful mountains keep calling me back.
  5. Google’s corporate headquarters is called the Googleplex.  What would be a good name for the corporate headquarters of your life?
    The Queen’s Hive. Okay, before you think I am a narcissist, let me explain. I have the nickname of the Social Media Queen handed to be by a former business coach I worked with prior to his retirement several years ago. He was an older gentleman who didn’t quite understand the social media phenomenon and how it can help businesses grow. In our work together, he got to see first hand what that means. I was teaching a class on social media one day and he made a testimonial about how important our work together had been – and called me the Social Media Queen. Needless to say, when you work in a small town and someone gives you a nickname – it sticks! I would say it is the Queen’s Hive because we are super busy planning, expanding, dreaming big, chasing goals, and teaching small businesses how to manage their social media. There’s always something going down in headquarters – and it’s absolutely beautiful and brilliant – just like a bee! ❤

That being said, the Hive is calling me back! Have a few things to wrap up before we close out for the weekend. Hope you all have a great one!


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Friday 5: Food Me Once, Food Me Twice

Happy Friday Peeps!

We have made it through another week – hallelujah!

This week’s Friday 5 is about things found in the pantry. It’s a fun topic!

  1. What do you like on your frozen yogurt?
    I like chocolate or peanut butter chips.
  2. How do you feel about hot breakfast cereals?
    I prefer hot cereals over cold ones.
  3. What did you last put brown sugar in or on?
    Malt O Meal – yummy!
  4. What’s a food item you willingly overpay for?
    Starbuck’s White Chocolate Mocha. I think I’m addicted!
  5. What did you last add vinegar to?
    Salad dressing.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Best wishes on your writing!