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Friday 5

Hello All!

I can’t believe how quickly Friday’s seem to come around these days. I suppose that’s what happens when you keep yourself busy.😉  I hope the week has been treating you all well! Here is this week’s Friday 5.

1. When was the last time that you enjoyed a camp fire?
A couple month’s ago while visiting my ex’s family.

2. What is your favorite fall tradition?
Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Seriously, I’m addicted!

3. Do you celebrate Samhain?

I have in the past, but I will probably just do Halloween this year. But who knows, I might throw a ritual or two out there. This is the season for the cleansing cast that I love. Another one might be in order this year.🙂

4. What are your real feelings about candy corn?

I love it, but I avoid it at all costs. It’s so bad for you!

5. Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?

The things that go bump in the night are spirits that come around to say hello in my world. I haven’t been as diligent in keeping them at bay as I have in the past, and I am seeing them everywhere now. I caught one at work the other night and it scared the dickens out of me!
I hope the weekend is wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating for you! This one is pretty jammed packed with work and projects that I’m involved in, but I’m hoping for some down time to read and do some writing. Enjoy!
~ H
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Friday 5: Be of Good Cheer

Another Friday has come extremely quickly in my world. Where has this week disappeared to? It has been a crazy week of work, client meetings, consulting, NaNo outlining, and trying to keep my sanity (which is less in tact that it was on Monday – in case you were wondering).

Here is this week’s Friday 5:

  1. What’s something non-political you’re rooting for nowadays?
    I am rooting for chasing dreams and accomplishing goals – for everyone! Seriously, why do more people not do this? It’s amazing!
  2. What were the circumstances–and who was the recipient–the last time you were part of a standing ovation?
    Pretty sure that would be the Bernie Sanders rally in Denver over the summer.
  3. What’s a cheer you remember from high school or college?
    Oh please, I can’t even remember last week, let alone way back then!
  4. What inanimate object in your residence deserves applause for its outstanding role in your life this past week?
    The coffee pot. Seriously, this little friend is a champ!
  5. When was the last time a group of people clapped for you?
    I would say probably during one of my classes. So that’s been a little over a year ago now.

Well, I hate to keep it brief, but today’s hectic schedule is pulling me away already. I will update in the next week or so on NaNo and what the plan is. Who’s going to participate this year?

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all! (I’m a Texan now – that’s what we say.)


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Six Sentence Sunday

Today’s 6 sentences come from an altercation between Phoebe and her ex.

“We belong together. It’s fate.”

“No, it’s not. My home is in London now and you aren’t a part of what I’ve built. I’ve moved on from you, from us and what we used to be. You are a scar in my past and you will remain just that.” Phoebe was surprised as the words came out of her mouth but she was more shocked by the fact that she actually meant them.

Ahh, gotta love those ah-ha moments when the creep up in life. Sometimes it takes saying something aloud before you realize that you honestly and truly feel that way.

Hope you all are having a relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday. Make it a great one!

~ H

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Friday 5

Another Friday has crept up upon us. Hope the short week has treated you all well! Today’s Friday 5 is about Ps.

  1. What’s something that recently required perseverance?
    The move to Texas. It’s been a little bit of everything: exciting, nerve-wracking, scary, rewarding, disappointing, and everything in-between.
  2. What’s something that’s been unpleasantly persistent?
    Some medical concerns that I’m working through.
  3. When has practice not proven to make perfect?
    The guitar, honestly. My hands aren’t big enough to reach a lot of the chords and my broken finger makes it impossible to count on using that finger in chords. I haven’t found the nerve to try to play with my right hand, but that’s next on the agenda.
  4. Where were you last required to exercise patience?
    Every day, lol. As a business owner dealing with the public and clients, patience is a daily practice. My time schedules and expectations are not always in line with what people have decided for themselves. This is an example of how my Type A personality bites me in the arse!
  5. How do you feel about peas?
    I love them! I could eat them every day, but limit them to a few times a week.🙂

I hope everyone has a splendid weekend. I’m headed out for a Celtic Gathering. I’m super excited! Camping, Celts, and Whiskey – sounds perfect.


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Friday 5

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post and I need to get back into the swing of things. Here’s my Friday 5 for today!

  1. What’s a sound you like falling asleep to?
    I have broken my habit of listening to music or having the TV on while I sleep, so most of the time, it’s just to the sound of my fiance snoring, lol. But, if I’m having trouble falling asleep, I will listen to a floating in space mediation for sleep. Check it out, it’s awesome!
  2. What sounds do you hear right now?
    The AC blowing and the cat eating.
  3. What actor or actress has a speaking voice you especially like?
    Alan Rickman. Seriously, can’t get enough of his voice! It’s amazing.
  4. What musical instrument has a sound you find unpleasant?
    Trumpet. Too loud and obnoxious!
  5. What are some great songs about listening or hearing?
    Listen to Your Heart by DHT.

Hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend! We are headed down to the in-laws for the weekend to BBQ and relax in the sleepy Texas town they live in.

Until next time,

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Thankful Posts #27, 28 & 29

I’m behind on my thankful posts once more.

Day # 27, I am thankful for good times with the new family and fireball. Oh, the fireball…

Day # 28, I am thankful for stress-free holidays spent with those you love. Thank you Melanie and Curtis! The day was perfect!

Day # 29, I am thankful for new beginnings. I am working out with Nick again and today was absolutely awesome! Thanks Nick!